Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting Overwhelmed by Pretties

I subscribe to a lot of blogs – blogs about books, blogs about fashion, blogs about weddings, blogs about sewing, blogs about knitting, blogs about cooking. Somehow, I also started subscribing to blogs that basically feature pictures of pretty things. I love seeing the pretties – Christmas trees, ornaments, shoes, awesome Etsy stuff, paper goods – but I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by it these days. I like opening my google reader and finding beautiful pictures, or a list of really good books to check out, or a sewing tutorial…and then I remember. I have 25 books on my Kindle I haven’t read yet. I don’t, actually, sew. My free time right now is taken up with creating Christmas gifts for family members or cleaning the house. So…I don’t feel like I have time to just bask in pretty.

I think I also dislike some of the materialism that is presented by focusing on the pretties. Sure, they might come from a totally awesome Etsy seller, but it’s still something to buy buy buy. Or something to pretty to consume (I’m looking at you, Pioneer Woman!). Maybe it’s just the season, and the fact that I’m getting millions of BUY ME!!!! emails from all over the place too, but it’s turning me into a real Scrooge. I get that some blog writers want to share the pretty things they’ve discovered with others, and that’s cool, it just seems that I’m getting bombarded by them. Also, it’s fun to troll Etsy myself and find cool things – not have them spoon-fed to me.

I think I also need to spend time focusing on the pretties in my own life that I don’t have to buy – the smoothness of my knitting yarn, the color of cranberries, the aroma of the chili I’ll be making next week. Maybe then I’ll be less of a Scrooge and more of a Bob Crachit.

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