Life List

Life List

1. Run a 5k without stopping
2. Start blogging; see if I like it
3. Have two kids
4. Have a pet rabbit and volunteer at a rabbit rescue group
5. Write a vampire novel
6. Figure out a way to tell my anti-fundamentalist story without hurting any of D. C.'s kids
7. Find a job I love 
8. Make $75,000/year at said job
9. Stop feeling guilty over spending money on clothes and shoes
10. Go to Scotland and Ireland
11. Go to London and see a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theater
12. Work on a house for Habitat for Humanity
13. Dinner at the French Laundry (with no guilt!!!)
14. Make my own wine
15. Make Jam
16. Write about vampires, Eastern Europe, and Christianity
17. Play Grieg’s Holberg Suite on the piano
18. Go to a social event and make small talk without anxiety
19. Go to Istanbul, Greece, and Armenia
20. Go to France and Italy
21. Take Dave to Georgia for Homecoming Sunday
22. Visit New York City
23. Bake and decorate a wedding cake
24. Make two friends outside of my family
25. Have boudoir pics taken regardless of my weight
26. Learn to open a bottle of champagne gracefully and without fear
27. Do volunteer work for a veterans’ organization
28. Do volunteer work for a women’s shelter/ anti domestic violence organization
29. Do ballet barre exercises in pointe shoes (safely, with skill, without breaking my toes, etc)
30. Do something cool with yoga (teach? go to class every week? Hm.)
31. See original Rembrandt paintings (Hermitage? Louve? Wherever they are)
32. Adopt a Basset Hound and a Welsh Corgi
33. Come up with my own, top secret Madeline recipe
34. Take a class at the CIA in Napa
35. Take singing lessons
36. Learn and remember the rules to Baseball and Football (and which teams go with which) 
37. Write a wedding graduate post for APW (doesn’t have to be published, I just have to write it and submit it) (not completed; see this post)
38. Learn to size and fit and finish my knitted sweaters so that I’ll actually wear them 
39. Make peace with my weight
40. Quit binge eating
41. Read all of Julia Child’s cookbooks (and non-cookbooks, if she wrote them) and try the interesting sounding recipes. Become proficient at five of them:

My Life in France by Julia Child and Alex Proud’Homme - finished October 15, 2010
Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol 1
have made:  Beef Bourguignon (and accompanying mushrooms and onions)
        Hollandaise Sauce (turned out super well, but oh my god, the butter!!)
Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol 2
The French Chef Cookbook (from the TV series, I believe)
From Julia Child’s Kitchen
Julia Child and Company
Julia Child and More Company
The Way to Cook
Cooking With Master Chefs
In Julia’s Kitchen With Master Chefs
Baking With  Julia
Julia’s Delicious Little Dinners
Julia’s Menus for Special Occasions
Julia’s Breakfasts, Lunches, and Suppers
Julia’s Casual Dinners
Julia and Jacque Cooking At Home
Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom

42. Open an combo yarn shop/tea shop/pastry shop/book shop/yoga studio/art gallery/indie wedding space
43. Learn to like pictures of myself
44. Start an etsy shop with cool stuff I make  
45. Teach three people to knit
46. Go on some kind of fun retreat weekend - sock summit, mighty summit, something like that
47. Learn Massage
48. Read all the works of Flannery O’Connor
49. Figure out a way to be more actively pro-choice and pro-gay rights/equal marriage (not just voting and giving money)
50. Make regular donations to charities - either money (for things like habitat for humanity, red cross, planned parenthood, etc) or food to a local food bank
51. Only buy bras that actually fit me, regardless of cost. Learn to take care of them properly and replace them when necessary (without guilt)
52. Learn how to change a tire so I can be one of those badass women who changes a tire herself.
53. Learn enough about my car that I don’t have to call Dave/Dad for explanation after every trip to the mechanic
54. Learn how to work a lawn mower
55. Make my own cheese and yogurt
56. Read/listen to 3,000 books
57. Grow some tomatoes without killing them. If I can do that, maybe branch out to other plants
58. Become more knowledgeable about wine making and process, varietals, etc - also learn to taste more proficiently. 59. Learn a second language - not sure which, though.
60. Learn more about intuitive eating, and practice it in my daily life
61. Do charity knitting (afghans for afghans, other places)
62. Read every published item by Charles Dickens

Pickwick Papers
Oliver Twist
Dombey and Son
David Copperfield
Bleak House
Nicholas Nickleby
The Old Curiosity Shop
Hard Times
Little Dorrit
A Tale of Two Cities
Great Expectations
Our Mutual Friend
Christmas Books:
        A Christmas Carol
        The Chimes
        The Cricket on the Hearth
        The Battle of Life
        The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain
Martin Chuzzlewit
Edwin Drood

Short Stories:
Sketches by Boz
The Mudfog Papers
Reprinted Pieces
The Uncommercial Traveller
What Christmas Is, As We Grow Older
A Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire
Another Round of Stories by the Christmas Fire
The Seven Poor Travellers
The Holly Tree Inn
The Wreck of the “Golden Mary”
The Perils of Certain English Prisoners
A House to Let
The Haunted House
A Message from the Sea
Tom Tiddler’s Ground
Somebody’s Luggage
Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgings
Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy
Doctor Marigold’s Prescriptions
Mugby Junction
No Thoroughfare

Non Fiction, Poetry, and Plays:
The Village Coquettes
The Fine Old English Gentleman
Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi
American Notes: For General Circlation
Pictures from Italy
The Life of Our Lord: as Written for His Children
A Child’s History of England
The Frozen Deep
Speeches, Letters, and Sayings

63. Find a good tailor to hem pants, take in shirts, etc so my clothes fit better
64. Sew a quilt
65. Make sourdough bread from starter I caught and grew myself (do we even have wild yeast in the air in my town??)
66. Do a sheep -to- sweater type thing, where I get a fleece, wash it, dye it, spin it, and then knit it into a sweater (maybe a baby sweater, depending on the success of the project)
67. Develop a personal style (for clothing)
68. Build a cozy combo library/family room/craft studio thing where I can work on projects but still hang out with the family
69. Meet President and Mrs. Obama
70. Do yoga every morning before work for 30 days (this would mean getting up early. And I would need to do it in the summer, because it’s pitch black in the morning in the winter. And I don’t get up well when it’s pitch black)
71. Learn more science so that NPR’s Science Friday makes sense (this sounds awful, but my science education was pitiful, and all I remember from it was “evolution is bad”  - so, clearly I need help here.)
72. Make my own baklava, with a traditional recipe, including making my own phyllo dough
73. Make my own pickles
74. Sing O Magnum Mysterium with a chorus
75. Knit a fair isle, stranded sweater and make it with steeks!!
76. Get a filing system together that works for us
77. Organize all of our bajillion recipies
78. Attend a protest march in Washington DC (goes without saying should be for a cause I believe in!)
79. Learn more about photography
80. develop a couple of income streams
81. Provide a complete Christmas - tree, dinner, presents - to a needy family, anonymously.
82. Learn to properly care for and polish my nails