Monday, January 31, 2011

January round up

So, how did I do with those January goals? Here we go:

- get to week 2 of C25k (#1) - I did do one day of week 2 of C25k, plus some days of days of week 1 so...not too bad.
- write two blog posts per week; post four pictures (#2) - didn't do this
- work on anti fundamentalist story 2x/week for 15 mins (#6) - didn't do this either
- get feedback from boss re: performance review and salary review(#7 and #8) - didn't do this
- update resume regardless of outcome of perf review (#7 and #8) - nope
- start looking at Craigslist etc for new job? (#7 and #8) - I've poked around a bit; nothing serious
- in Jan, buy 1-2 more bras; continue to hand wash them weekly (#9 and #51) - nope
- come up with family budget with Dave (#10 and #13) - we've been talking and working on our bill paying system, so I'm calling this done for now. It's really an ongoing conversation
- try opening Champagne at least once (#26) - no
- do yoga on off days from C25k (#30) I did more yoga than running this month.
- Knitting/Craft Stuff (#38) – the goal this month is to finish a lot of the almost-done projects that are hanging around.

-blue beret with sock yarn:
-scarf with blue sock yarn

-finish brown/blue blanket - no pics of this; I'm glad I finished it, but it's made of chenille and already looks worn out
-finish crochet blanket - this thing is huge! It covers the top of our queen-sized bed
-finish birds I'm really pleased with how these turned out - such cute Christmas ornaments!

-finish embroidery project

-finish reading Maggie Righetti’s book
- Books/Science - read Female Chauvist Pigs - nope; got sucked into the Steig Larsson books. Which are totally worth it.
- work on filing project 15 mins/ day, 5x week - nope
- type recipes 15 mins/day, 6x week - did work on this a bit; not as much as I hoped to, but something is better than nothing.
So, ok, I didn't do too well on my goals. I think I was a bit overly ambitious, so I'm going to scale it back for next month. Also, it looks like I did a boatload of knitting, but really, I was 80-90% done with the projects I've listed, so it was just about doing the final bits. Which, as any knitter knows, are the hardest for some reason. It's so much more fun to start projects!
February Goals:

-get all recipes in silver bin typed up
-finish filing project
-get orange sweater done (using this pattern)
-get to week three of C25k (and be way more consistent with exercise!)
-write 8 blog posts (0/8)
-follow up with boss on performance review/salary issue
-cook something from Julia Child for V-day
-finish Larsson books
-finish reading and taking notes on this book

That seems much more do able.

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