Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

It seems a bit ridiculous to post real New Year’s Resolutions when I have the big giant list of things to do. So, instead, I’ll be posting monthly goals that will directly relate to items on my life list.

January Goals:

- get to week 2 of C25k (#1)
- write two blog posts per week; post four pictures (#2)
- work on anti fundamentalist story 2x/week for 15 mins (#6)
- get feedback from boss re: performance review and salary review(#7 and #8)
- update resume regardless of outcome of perf review (#7 and #8)
- start looking at Craigslist etc for new job? (#7 and #8)
- in Jan, buy 1-2 more bras; continue to hand wash them weekly (#9 and #51)
- come up with family budget with Dave (#10 and #13)
- try opening Champagne at least once (#26)
- do yoga on off days from C25k (#30)
- Knitting/Craft Stuff (#38) – the goal this month is to finish a lot of the almost-done projects that are hanging around. Hopefully, I’ll take some pictures of them and post those, but with the short days, it’s hard to find time to photograph them in daylight. I’ve discovered through trial-and-error that I take seriously crappy pictures in artificial light. There’s probably something I can do about that, but it would involved reading the camera manual and fiddling with buttons and knobs. And, uh, that scares me. Anyway:
-blue beret with sock yarn
-scarf with blue sock yarn
-finish brown/blue blanket
-finish crochet blanket
-finish birds
-finish embroidery project
-finish reading Maggie Righetti’s book
- Books/Science - read Female Chauvist Pigs
- work on filing project 15 mins/ day, 5x week
- type recipes 15 mins/day, 6x week

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